• Shower Screen Types to Consider During Bathroom Renovations

    If you are renovating your bathroom and shopping for a shower screen, then you probably already know that you have several options. Unfortunately, most homeowners tend to settle for what is available because they do not scour the market hard enough for unique products. This article highlights various types of shower screens and their applicability. Full-Framed Shower Screens Just like the name suggests, a full-framed shower screen is entirely enclosed in an aluminium frame.
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  • Garage Door Styles to Consider for Your Home

    A garage door covers a vast area of a home's facade, so you need to choose a material, colour and design to enhance the kerb view. However, before you pick your favourite style, decide what kind of opening mechanism will work best in your garage. Following are several possibilities. Roller Doors Roller doors consist of a piece of corrugated metal that rolls up into a bundle above the entryway as the door opens.
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  • Save Lives and Property: Why You Should Install a Fire Door

    Most commercial business owners know that fire is bad for their commercial property. However, very few of them actually consider the amount of damage they would incur if their building went down in flames. As a result, many people simply install fire doors and other fire-fighting equipment because it is standard procedure.  However, if you want to avoid losing your property and getting people injured in a fire, you have to carefully consider the brand and quality of fire doors you invest in for your building.
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