Choosing a bathroom shower screen door

Posted on: 18 September 2017

Whether you are in the process of remodeling your bathroom or fitting one in a new house, one of the more aesthetically pleasing and reliable options is to install shower screens to control the water flow, restricting it to where it should go. Baths and showers can cause unnecessary spillage in the bathroom which may ruin any furniture and interior design aspects. It is worth noting that glass shower screens come in a wide variety of types and designs and you should pick one that suits your preferences, bathroom requirements and budget. Below is a guide that will help you choose the right shower screen for your project. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type as it will help in making an educated decision. 

The fully framed screen—this is probably the most popular option when it comes to shower screens due its robustness and ability to allow a wide variety of customization. The frames make the structure tougher and are ideal for families where accidents might occur. They are also the cheapest option.  The problem is, due to the frames, mold and soapy residue tend to accumulate and this makes them slightly hard to clean. The frames also make them less aesthetically pleasing though there are designer options out there. 

Semi-frame-less glass shower screens— these are slightly less framed shower screen doors as they are less conspicuous than the full framed ones. The frame is fixed around a few screen panels, unlike the full screen doors where the frames runs on every panel. This makes them easier to clean too.  They are more stylish and still affordable while still providing the toughness required for a busy bathroom. If you are going for a sophisticated and modern look, there are a number of very attractive options available. 

A frame-less glass shower screen—this is the third and final option for shower screen doors. They do not have frames or rubber seals making it the most stylish option. It allows for unique customization and makes the room appear larger and more spacious than it is. It suits every traditional and contemporary themes you might want to stick with for your bathroom.  Furthermore, the lack of frames make it very easy to clean and maintain. It is however the most expensive option and less tough than framed and semi-framed options. It might be a bad idea to install it in a high traffic bathroom. You can opt for a toughened frame-less glass but this will most likely cost you slightly more.