Ideas for Installing Mirrors on the Doors in Your Home

Posted on: 19 July 2023

A simple way to enhance your home is to fit a mirror on the doors of various rooms. You can have the mirror custom cut to fit your space and fully or partially cover the door. Because doors are moved constantly, the glass should be sturdy and of good quality so it doesn't break easily and provides a distortion-free image. Consider the following ideas.

Wardrobe Design Ideas

The main practical benefit of fitting a mirror on a bedroom wardrobe door is that it provides a full-length mirror to check your outfit. However, you can also use mirrors for decorative effects. For a sleek look, fit a large piece of frameless glass over the entire door. You can exaggerate the effect by fitting mirrors on multiple doors to give the effect of a glass wall. This will visually expand the room and create a sense of extra space.

Or else, you could opt for a more decorative approach by combining clear and toned mirrors, alternating timber and mirrored doors across an extended wardrobe, or fitting mirrors with carved bevel edges.


Another place you can fit a mirror is on the bathroom door to conceal a plain door and create an extra grooming mirror. In a compact bathroom that doesn't have a lot of free wall space, the door can be the perfect location. Additionally, the mirror will provide depth and make the bathroom appear larger, reflecting light around the room to make it more welcoming.

Home Offices

A home office door is another door you could consider fitting a mirror on. If you're spending hours in a room, it's essential to create as bright and open an environment as possible, and a simple mirror on the door will help achieve that. If the door is opposite a window, it may allow you to enjoy an outdoor view, depending on the placement of your desk. However, bear in mind that mirrors are heavy, and the door and hinges will need to be substantial enough to carry a mirror's weight.


The kitchen is another room where you can fit a mirror door. A mirror looks excellent on a sliding barn door made entirely of glass. It will add style and give the kitchen an open-plan feel. If you want to give the mirror a vintage look, you could opt for an antique mirror finish that gives the impression of old, clouded glass.

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