Four Crucial Locations Your Building Needs Fire Door Installation

Posted on: 29 June 2022

Fire doors are a vital part of any building's fire protection strategy. Not only do they keep the fire out, but they also keep the smoke and heat inside, thereby preventing further damage to your building.

Fire doors are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. They're also designed to be easy to operate in the event of an emergency with special locks and hinges that allow them to open easily while still providing protection from fire and smoke.

Here are four crucial locations where fire door installation is necessary.

1. Your Building Needs Fire Door Installation At Every Stairwell

Fire doors in stairwells help prevent smoke inhalation and reduce the risk of fire spreading throughout your building by limiting the amount of oxygen available in the stairwells. They also reduce the risk of injury from smoke inhalation if there is an emergency in one part of your building and you need to evacuate quickly through another part of your property.

2. Your Building Needs Fire Door Installation At Every Exit

Fire doors stop smoke from travelling between rooms and through hallways during an emergency situation by closing off each room from the hallway without having to rely on its occupants doing so manually — which could cause confusion during an emergency situation when time is critical.

3. Your Building Needs Fire Door Installation In Elevators 

Elevators are often the most overlooked part of a building's fire safety plan. But they're also one of the most important.

Fire doors are necessary to keep smoke and heat from travelling through the shafts and stairwells of tall buildings. They also prevent smoke and heat from spreading up or down through elevator shafts when an alarm sounds. If there's no fire door at the bottom of an elevator shaft, there's nothing stopping flames from moving up or down as people exit their cars on different floors.

4. Your Building Needs Fire Door Installation At Windows

Windows in high-rises need fire door installation, too. In fact, this is one of the most common areas where fires break out in high-rise buildings due to open windows that allow flames to travel through corridors quickly, causing damage before anyone can react accordingly.

Fire doors are extremely important to the safety of your building and its occupants. They can be installed in any place where there is a high risk of fire or smoke spreading from one room to another. Chat with an expert about fire door installation today.