5 Ways to Make a Security Door Look Beautiful

Posted on: 22 September 2017

Security doors can be an essential part of keeping your home or business safe, but they don't have to be all might and no beauty. You can actually find beautiful decorative security doors that enhance the look of your home or building whilst also making it more secure.

Wondering what features to look for? Here are some ideas.

1. Colours

Metal security doors can come in almost any colour. Some manufacturers or installers offer preset colours while others let you customize the colours. Metal is extremely versatile when it comes to colours and coatings.

2. Panel Designs

Do you like the panels on wood doors? Well, you can get those same designs on metal security doors. If you like a series of rectangles spread over your door, you can opt for that, but if you prefer one large rectangle with patterns etched inside of it, you can go for that look instead.

Alternatively, you can play with other shapes or patterns from scroll work to geometric designs and everything in between.

3. Glass Panes

Putting glass in a security door may seem anathema to its role, but it is possible. There is security glass that is designed to resist breaking. Depending on what appeals to you on an aesthetic level, you can opt for glass panes in the door itself, or you can go for glass windows around the door.

However, it's essential to use security glass. Otherwise, the windows will compromise the security of your door.

4. Security Screens

A security screen door can be used to add an extra layer of protection to a security door. Additionally, if you ever want your security door open so that you can get some air in your house, a security screen keeps you safe.

To make this look beautiful, consider opting for a security screen that has a wrought iron frame. You can get the wrought iron in almost any pattern, but you may want to choose a dense design. That way, a thief can't reach through the holes in the design and access the door handle.

If you prefer a screen door with a simple design, you may want to skip the wrought iron and go for a mesh screen. These security screens are built to resist bludgeoning and cutting.

5.  Double Wide

If one security door looks nice, two can look twice as nice. Consider giving your home or business an extra touch with a double door.