7 Tips to Improve Your Home's Security

Posted on: 25 October 2017

Did you know that household burglary is among the most prevalent crimes in Australia? As a homeowner, you must be concerned about the best measures you can take to secure your home. The following tips will show you how you can safeguard your house, making it the haven it should be.

Security Doors

Your front door is the first line of defence in your home. Most burglars target houses that seem easy to break in. By installing a security door, you reduce the chances of your home being targeted for theft. Again, these doors are made from wrought iron or steel which makes them robust and sturdy. Therefore, even if there were an attempt to break-in, it would be unsuccessful. Additionally, a good security door should feature a stainless steel screen which makes it almost impossible to pierce, puncture or cut into it.

Door Locks

All your home's external hinged doors should be fitted with key-operated two-cylinder deadlocks. Quality knob locks should have a 'dead latch' mechanism to stop intruders from using a credit card to open it.

Alarm Systems

There is a wide array of alarm systems in the market. Ensure that you get one with visible signage. Again, ensure that it is programmed and installed correctly. You can even route the alarm to the nearest police station.

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensors are a useful addition to your home security system. Although you can fit them anywhere, the best location to install them is the back of the house. Motion sensor lights are not expensive and are readily available too. A light going on without notice will deter a burglar who will be anxious that they've been discovered.

Conceal All Wiring

Wiring around your home's exterior is the first thing a burglar looks for when they want to break in. Cutting the wires is usually an attempt to disable the security system, and most times, they succeed. 

Use Interior Door Hinges

Hinges located on the outside can easily be tampered with to gain access to the house. It is wise to have the door removed and the hinges placed on the inside.

Protect Your Windows

Windows, especially on the ground floor, are a notorious point of entry for intruders. These vulnerable areas can be secured using locks. You can also use burglar-resistant glass or opt to install multiple small glass panes instead of one large one.

Securing your home is critical to protecting your family and property. These tips could help you enhance your home security.