How to Ensure Your Roller Shutters Last Longer

Posted on: 15 October 2020

Roller shutters have become an essential tool for safeguarding business premises today. They offer secure and robust protection, and intruders cannot break them easily, giving you peace of mind whether you are around or away. But like any other investment, you want to ensure your roller shutters last longer and that you don't use your savings on frequent repairs or replacements. The key to achieving these goals is to maintain your roller shutters. This post will outline key tips you should consider to increase the longevity of your shutters.

Exercise caution when operating the shutters

Roller shutters can be hand-operated or automated. While automatic options are easy to use since they can be opened or closed remotely, you need to be more cautious if you operate your shutters manually. Slamming the shutter against the surface will loosen the screws, and the mechanisms may break as well. Also, make sure that people who are close to your shutters move carefully. No one should be allowed to throw objects against the shutters, since this can cause significant damage that may cost you a lot to repair.

Keep the mechanism lubricated

One vital aspect of roller shutter maintenance that most people overlook is lubricating the moving parts. If components like the bearings, rollers, and rails aren't oiled regularly, the parts will rub against each other, making it difficult to operate the shutter. Moreover, the parts will get worn out fast, meaning you will be forced to replace them sooner than planned. Therefore, make sure all the movable parts are oiled to prevent corrosion and minimise component replacement expenses. Lubrication should be done after you clean the shutters or when you notice corrosion.

Carry out regular checks

Another tip you should consider is to conduct regular inspections. While this can be done at any time, the exercise is far more essential after your area experiences severe weather conditions. These regular checks are supposed to be handled by experts. They will be aimed at checking for weaknesses or damage that can easily jeopardise your safety or compromise the security of your premises by making it easy for burglars to break the shutters.

All the issues the specialist spots during the inspection should be dealt with right away. For instance, worn-out or damaged parts should be repaired or replaced immediately. Overlooking the repair work, no matter how minor the issue is, will create severe problems, and eventually you will pay more for the repairs or be forced to get new shutters sooner than planned.