Garage Door Styles to Consider for Your Home

Posted on: 4 June 2021

A garage door covers a vast area of a home's facade, so you need to choose a material, colour and design to enhance the kerb view. However, before you pick your favourite style, decide what kind of opening mechanism will work best in your garage. Following are several possibilities.

Roller Doors

Roller doors consist of a piece of corrugated metal that rolls up into a bundle above the entryway as the door opens. These openings come in various colours, allowing you to coordinate them with the building's external walls, roofing and trim. Steel doors are sturdier and less likely to dent than aluminium ones, but if steel scratches, it may rust. On the other hand, aluminium resists rusting, making it ideal even for coastal regions. Ultimately, a garage door's strength depends on the particular door structure and thickness.

If you're considering a roller door, you need to pay attention to your garage space and check that this style will work. As mentioned, roller doors rotate into a bundle over the entryway, so the garage building will require an ample overhead clearance area.

Sectional Doors

Several other styles don't require much overhead space, such as sectional garage doors. These consist of a series of connected horizontal panels. A sectional door opens by gliding upwards vertically and then bending to extend across the garage ceiling. Sectional doors offer more design options than roller doors. Some styles feature windows along the side or along the top. Windows will help brighten up the garage, which creates a pleasant environment for a multifunction space that also serves as a gym or play area. The panels also come in metal, timber and other materials.

Tilt Doors

Tilt doors are made from a single panel that tilts outward to open. As these doors extend over the driveway as they move, you can't park close to the garage before opening. Conversely, both roller doors and sectional doors move vertically, and they don't monopolise driveway space, which helps in cramped environments. Tilt doors use a variety of materials, including metal and wood. Timber can be stained or painted in diverse hues. But it demands regular maintenance such as repainting to guard the wood against moisture damage and keep it looking attractive.

Swing Doors

You may love the classic look of a garage consisting of two hinged doors that swing outwards. You can custom design these styles or choose from pre-fabricated models. Of course, these doors also extend over the driveway area.

Now that you know different types of garage doors, decide which you like best.