Shutting Out the Heat: How Roller Shutters Can Insulate Your Home

Posted on: 18 October 2021

If there is one thing that Australia sometimes has too much of, it's heat. During the summer, as you try to keep your home cool, your energy bills can skyrocket because of the heat coming in through your windows. Even if your home is well insulated everywhere else, if your windows don't have adequate cover, your efforts to cool your home will suffer.

Fortunately, with the addition of roller shutters to your home, you can insulate your home against both the heat and the cold. In the long run, this will save you a lot of money and make your home more comfortable in both summer and winter.

But how do roller shutters insulate your home?

Roller shutters block the sun's rays

Did you know that the highest quality roller shutters have a thick layer of foam or polyurethane inside each section? This type of foam is similar to the type that is used in refrigerators and freezers. This thick layer of foam insulation helps to stop heat from penetrating roller shutters.

And if you opt for aluminium roller shutters, you can benefit even further. Aluminium is a poor conductor of heat. This means that when the sun's rays hit aluminium shutters, they will heat up very slowly. So, aluminium shutters coupled with foam insulation can help to stop heat from entering your home through the most vulnerable point: the windows.

Another way that roller shutters can keep out heat and hot air on hot summer days is the tight seal that they form around a window when fully closed.

Roller shutters also stop cool air from escaping your home while you run your air conditioner. So, if you want to save money on cooling costs and make your home a more pleasant place to stay during summer, roller shutters might be the right external window treatment for you.

Roller shutters keep your home warm in winter

Winters in Australia can also get a little bit nippy. And if your windows don't have suitable coverage, much of the heat you generate while trying to heat your home escapes out of the windows. As a result, you end up with higher heating bills throughout the winter. Roller shutters can solve this problem, too.

By closing your roller shutters, you can stop much of the heat loss that occurs through windows, and you can reduce your heating bill.

Roller shutters can insulate your home in both winter and summer. If you want a convenient way to save money on heating and cooling, consider adding roller shutters to your home.